Small Niche Sites Getting Big Ad Bucks

From the Washington Post -- Small niche sites like A Small World for the international elite geeks (they're looking for a computer programmer in Dubai!) are getting ad sponsorships because of they're ultra-targeting.


Radio it's Sound Salvation (Elvis Costello)

MTV is calling 2007 the year the music business broke.

The only aspect of the music business that's down are traditional album sales in a box and sold in stores. Everything else is up -- downloads, ring tones, ring backs, concerts, music & licensing,
Chris Anderson (Wired, The Long Tail)

We can make money on a release that only sells 2,000 copies, we don't have to sell 2 million.
Liz Hart
Head of A&R for XL Recordings

  • Save Net Radio -- is a coalition of online net radio stations set up to lobby for lower royalty fees.

iMeem, iLike, Pandora, LastFM, Snocap, Myspace

Record Lbl, Peter Rojas
Legal downloads.

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