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Hysterical Paroxysm

& a post pointing out a disease I didn't realize I had -- MADD
A Writing Disorder That Stifles Your Creativity from copyblogger.


Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2008

From the Sydney Herald, via THE BURGER via JaffeJuice.com:

Here they are:

1. The Chumby
2. Microblogging
3. Everyblock
4. 23AndMe
5. Peer-to-Peer Lending
6. Mob Rules
7. Guerilla Wi-Fi
8. World Community Grid
9. Loopt
10. One Laptop Per Child

I'm hooked on Microblogging (Twitter), The Chumby looks silly, all for Guerilla Wi-Fi and One Laptop Per Child, hopefully going to children who can really use them. The Burger makes a good point that maybe children need health care and food first.


Miscellaneous Marketing Blogs

Often on Twitter (can I mention twitter too many times?) .... someone says something that sounds provocative or insightful or amusing and I tell myself, "self, who said that? who is @tsfowg3x2z ??" and I look at their bio area. There you find a picture, screen name, full name, a link to their blog / flickr / facebook or whatever --- and a little quippy sentence or two. Mine currently says "I'm a lot of things, some of them good", which I think is cute and accurate, if vague.

Frequently I discover great blogs that I bookmark and then never get back to visit. Here are a couple I've seen recently and look forward to spending more time with.

1. KD Paine's PR Measurement Blog
2. What's Next Online?

3. Colleen Coplick has a PR Agency in Vancouver (Type A PR)
  • & definitely gets around (the world) ... recently she twittered that: " top 3 SM tools for sm biz being recommended in webinar: facebook, squidoo & Hubpages. interesting"
4. Test Your Speed


Stats from Job's Keynote

Steve Jobs checks out smartphone market share in the U.S. during the Apple Keynote on 1/15/08
  • RIM's Blackberry is in the lead,
  • but the iPhone is in second place, with 19.5 percent market share.
  • comparing to the other hardware manufacturers, as Apple ranks above Palm and Motorola.
  • Not sure how he's defining smartphone, but, hey, it's his keynote. (from C|Net's live coverage)
  • iTunes has sold 4 billion songs and 7 million movies, which sounds like a lot, but Jobs admits that hasn't met Apple's expectations. So, as expected, today Apple is introducing iTunes Movie Rentals.


Juno Writer Former Blogger, Stripper

I loved the movie Juno. The characters were so well written and unique and it all tied together. It had a quirky folky sound track which I found endearing against the background of the film but too syrupy to listen to without it. It seems to be the kind of soundtrack (movie?) that one either loves or hates.

I just learned that the writer, Diablo Cody (with a name like that you better be a stripper!), was in fact an erotic dancer and a blogger / diarist. She published a book in 2005 called Candy Girl and the Juno script book has been published. (I just ordered both) She has a note on her most recent blog (a blogspot blog that was launched in September of 'o7) that she's using myspace more frequently now. She has 4,500 friends which I think is a sane, healthy number.

I like the actress Ellen Page and saw her on Letterman. She was born on February 21st, 2007, so I guess she's turning 21 soon. She seems sharp and funny but the character in the movie was much younger. She did a great job and kind of looks like Diablo Cody. Ellen had been in a previous movie about a street kid running around with an adopted "family" in Europe, Mouth to Mouth she also was in Hard Candy and X-Men 3. She just got her first apartment in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Art Resources in San Francisco

san francisco dot com -- art galleries etc.