Women, Writing, & The Problem of Success

The Ambition Condition is a lengthy essay on bitch magazine, written by Anna Clark, about historic prejudices against women writers that surprisingly persist today. She points out that even J.K. Rowling adopted a gender free moniker because it was thought that young boys wouldn't want to read a book by Joanna Rowling.

The article seemingly was prompted because of the huge, negative response Emily Gould (Gawker) received after Exposed was published in May, 2008 as the New York Times Magazine cover story. It is an article about blogging publicly about her private life felt. I think Clark believes that most of the 'haters' were jealous and assumptively wouldn't have acted that way if she was a man.

I've never been a big Gawker fan although I know many people who are and were. I used to work in "publishing" from early 2005 through 2002. When the first bubble burst I headed for the Hollywood Hills and started working in television. Unlike most of the intellectual literati types I really love reality TV. Reading the New York Times Magazine article made me feel like I was watching a reality TV show. I looked up all the people she referred to and read the snarky piece an ex-boyfriend had written in The Page Six Magazine which I never knew existed.

I went and watched the clip of Emily and Jimmy Kimmel. Although many people refer to the piece as long, it was extremely easy to read and I liked it for the same reasons I like 'The Hills'. I know it's inane but these people open up their lives in a way that people in the real world don't. I've never gone on a date with a friend but I go on these people's dates all the time.