The Genius that is Gary Kamiya

This is the beautiful Call building, named after The Call newspaper started in 1856 by five unemployed printers. It lasted until 1965 when it merged with the city's afternoon paper, The Examiner. Click the picture to visit the link to a Chronicle article from Friday 10/4/2013.

 The article is exemplary of essays contained in the award-winning book, Cool, Grey City of Love: 49 Views of San Francisco Kamiya unleashes his wandering talent using revealing encyclopedic research. He brings a new depth and beauty to our understanding of our great city's unique, prideful and sassy heritage.


The Social Evolution of Mental Health

This is a radio piece with web version and slide-show about "The Changing Face of What is Normal: Mental Health" an exhibit at the Exploratorium through April 2014.



It used to be ilegal to revoke a liquor license because of "patron's status as homosexuals"

My grandfather, J. Bruce Fratis,  argued this case which held that patron's status as homosexuals, without more, did not constitute good cause for suspension or revocation of a liquor license under Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code § 24200 (e) or Cal. Con. Art. 20 §22, and that Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code § 24200 (e), which required only a showing of patronage by homosexuals, was therefore unconstitutional.


Letter to the editor | East Bay Express on San Francisco Chronicle Paywall

"Newsgathering Was Never Free," Seven Days, 4/3
A Desperate Effort
It wasn't really a choice to give away content for free. Basically, online publishers were trying to compete with AOL. I think it's just a desperate effort by the Chronicle to improve its revenue streams but I guess one person who pays for the subscription offsets the loss of whatever their free readership is.
Angela Penny, San Francisco



I'm so impressed that Moonves is using the word "ecosystem."

I'm so impressed that Moonves is using the word "ecosystem."

From Cynopsis: "This is an off-network model for a unique serialized show in today's television ecosystem," said Leslie Moonves, President and CEO, CBS Corporation. "It uses creative windowing to serve the content needs of best-in-class partners, while realizing the full syndication value for a high-quality series."


Catching Up

Wow, I'm so grateful that this blog is still here. I might as well resurrect it.

Currently I'm consulting at KALW Radio and New America Media. I manage the blasts and some communications responsibilities at New America Media. We are currently working on a strategic plan to optimize social media.

I worked for the documentary "Speaking in Tongues" for over two years. It was an excellent experience in learning how to use the web and social media for events, as a hub of information about the issue and sales.

From 1995 through 2002 I was heavily involved with online publishing working in marketing and advertising. I sat on committees deciding what the word for "click" should be back when it was the Wild Wild Web. But it's always been the same, quality content breeds quality audiences.

At Time Warner, I became the Manager of Audience Development, then the Advertising Production Manager at Hearst New Media, then PR specialist at The Palace, NonFiction Guide at About, circulation director at Salon.com, Director of Metrics for Third Age Media and Director of Business Development for Upside Media. I then had my own company, ActionThink.

When the bubble burst I flew (actually drove) South.  I fell hard. From having dozens of messages on my answering machine to not being able to get a job as a temp. I figured that if I was going to be unemployed then I might as well be an unemployed actress rather than an unemployed online publishing executive.  

I ended up working for The Dr. Phil Show and then returned to San Francisco (4th generation) when my grandmother died at age, 98 1/2.

Once back in San Francisco I started attending City College of San Francisco, which I love. I earned certificates in Broadcast Journalism and Video Production/Editing. I was News Director for KCSF Radio, Chief Copy Editor and Multimedia Editor for The Guardsman. I started a social media club on campus and studied design, art, inDesign, Photoshop, and such.