Becky Southwick Dishes Devilishly About VH1's ''The Agency''

You couldn't write a sharper character than Becky from VH1's "The Agency", a reality series about life at Wilhelmina Models. From the moment the promos hit the air, viewer's were like "oh no she didn't". Modeling's a tough business and the show showed how unglamorous it can be. The agents are essentially sales people sitting at phones in a plain jane room. All of the agents have to be honest with the prospective models which is hard, no male model who thinks he's 6 feet wants to be told "no honey, you're closer to 5'9".

She got fired on the last episode but her manager, a heavyset man named "Pink" of all things really looked bad although we really can't draw any conclusions because it's reality TV and we only see a small slice of the actual action. But Pink's boss the big manager tried to get him to work with Becky and I didn't really see that. If a model needs to have 34" hips and a particular model has 38" hips, it's a problem.

She now works at Trump Models and she said in an interview with EW that people in her industry "clients, models, agents — are like, ''Becky, you speak the truth.'' She apparently wants to be a TV-Host, seemingly the job d'jour, who doesn't want to be a TV Host. I don't know what she means by that and I think the TV Hosts in the UK are different than they are here, but she's no Tyra. She's much more curt than Janis Dickinson was on America's Next Top Model. If Becky was a judge on that show no one would win.

She's very full of herself which adds to the humor. It comes across like she feels like THE authority on what looks good and what doesn't so you're fortunate to be criticized by her, cockney accent at all.

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