Blog Entry Numero Uno

I'm starting a new blog. We'll see how long it lasts since the ratio of blog writers to blog readers is about 5:1.

What a long strange trip it's been. Last year I had a beautiful very comprehensive web site hosted on yahoo under the url angelapenny.com. It had all my writing samples, art stuff, family photographs for the last 100 years and my entire portfolio of web sites I had produced.

It all got deleted. I have no idea why. Yahoo wouldn't let me pay my $12 a month bill. Isn't that the best deal? It's unfortunate the loss made me resistant to creating anymore intellectual property. I feel like some robot made that decision. Let's see she's had a web site for three years and paid every month and now we're having a problem, oh I've got it, let's just delete her minuscule amount of content relative to the entire server availability.

Thank gawd for flickr. I had uploaded all the photos there which is where they are, just not sorted very well. I have two myspaces although my fervor for that site is diminishing. It's just so darned big, I think it was funner when it was smaller but it's done a lot of good for the careers of some comics, writers, and musicians.

I really like this guy... What the Buck?? He's so funny and has this totally professional set up.

No offense to Jason Calicanis' new webcast -- but his set up looks almost the same as What The Buck's, complete with the static little picture in the frame. I think Jason should watch What the Buck and change his set up, do you need the giant microphone and your frigging delicious looking coffee that makes me want to just drop everything I'm doing and head to Starbucks. Of course Jason's a genius and amazingly profilic with the ability to keep tons of information in his head so i'm not insulting him. He sure knows how to get the good gigs. It's so funny, he has a mystery caller (kind of like the Watergate parking lot guy) -- a Tribune employee that shouldn't really be talking to him so they put a B/W picture up with a question mark and garble his voice. It's like a cartoon. I can't understand it, i'm sure it's very important.

I'm just sad that Kurt Vonnegut died although he was 82 and had a great life so I'm not that sad. And I'm really happy Don Imus got fired. I never understood his appeal and I would have given him another chance (not that anyone is asking me) except that he blew the apology so much. I saw something on the Today Show where it seemed like he was going to strangle Al Sharpton.

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