didja know Zach Braff was so plugged in?

Either did I. I knew he had a myspace account, which of course I can't find in my collection of nearly 2,000 friends (a small collection by myspace standards). But you don't need to know what his myspace URL is because he has his very own super blog with an URL of, you guessed it --> http://zachbraff.com/ . He wrote a funny, long (in a good way) blog a couple of weeks ago. And 2 days ago he posted a link to HIS FIRST SUPER FAN which is an uproriously funny tribute to Zach from a seemingly regular guy who lives somewhere where it snows. He sings, "I don't care what you say, in a non-gay way, I love Zach Braff, Zach Braff". The video has Views: 180,172, Comments: 1392, and Favorited: 1759 times. I think the pageview number is pretty darned impressive. Maybe when, if I ever get access to a camera I should make a tribute tape like, "Margaret Cho, she's no ho, let me ask her Pappy if her hair is nappy. You know, Margaret Cho, she's got that glow and room to grow, once was po', likes to use play dough"

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