The 12-Step Program For News Addicts

The 12-Step Program For News Addicts
May 9, 2007
By Mike Elgan

The first step in dealing with addiction is to admit you have a problem. In the spirit of that cliché, allow me to fess up:

"Hi, My name is Mike, and I'm a newsaholic."

"Hi, Mike!!"

With that out of the way, let me tell you how I get my fix.

When I've been away from my PC and other sources of breaking news for more than a few hours, I get the horrible feeling that the world is moving on without me. What's going on? Did Redmond get wiped out by a meteor shower? Has Iran deployed a missile that can reach Sparta? Did Paris Hilton escape from prison?

As a hardcore news junky, I've developed a list of focused web pages that together give me an instant "fix" of every major event in the world.

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