Theresa Strasser does funny on myspace dating

Feb 15, 2007

So, MySpace or yours?

A latecomer to the revolution finds that, even here, some things haven't changed.

I thought of MySpace as a storm that would pass. If I didn't panic, it would blow by like Hurricane Friendster and I would never get hit. I would never have to come up with an ironic yet welcoming "headline," or decide who would make my "Top 8."

The whole thing seemed like a juvenile fiasco that was tossing my girlfriends asunder and causing them to regress emotionally.

If I could wait it out, it would pass and I could avoid pillaging Ferlinghetti for quotes on embracing life.

MySpace just seemed undignified for those over 29 … which I'm not, if you go by my résumé. Just don't check my license.

The point is, I knew if I could clutch my disdain, I wouldn't be forced to cobble together a list of "Favorites" that would appeal to my target demographic: Bono, Bukowski, "The Big Lebowski." Too bad I caved.

A month after posting my profile, I went out on my first MySpace date. It was my first Internet date ever. This is not a fact to be glossed over in today's world of JDate weddings and Match.com babies.


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