Blogging About Bloggers

As regular readers know (as if!) i have been struggling to come up with a focus for my blog but how about this? What are the most popular bloggers blogging about? Who are the most popular bloggers. Why should you care or not as the case might be.

First of all, what do I as a normal webizen end up reading?

#1) Yahoo News. Why? Because headlines show up on my mail. Personally I have Entertainment headlines selected because I'm such a shallow and apathetic individual.

#2) Links that I receive via Twitter.

These include, not in any particular order.

#a) Robert Scoble's Scobelizer: Today he reported on his own reading habits (wow!) he reads (judges) 772 feeds through his google reader, which represents thousands of bloggers because some feeds have multiple bloggers. He posted a list of his top 35.

#b) Techmeme

#c) New York Times

#4) Chris Brogan: A Conversation with a Community Regarding Digital Relationships

#5) Mashable

2 B continued.....

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