I <3 The Web!!!

I love the web. Web 1.0, web 2.0, web 33 and a 3rd, it don't matter to me. The problem is I love to get lost and jump from site to site, person to person, blog to blog, picture to picture, video to video, publication to publication and back again. I love (and i'm sorry for using that word too much) getting lost in research, learning and reading and I often forget what my original reason is for being on the Internet.

Usually my original reason is to accomplish something productive. Write in my blog for instance. Not that anyone is going to read it or that I have anything particularly important to say but because it is required that I actually write something down, complete a thought, voice an opinion, or simply point someone to a cool site, to justify my hours of random wandering. Currently I'm primarily on Twitter and Facebook and I have memberships on Ning, Bebo, Pownce, and about a dozen other social applications.

I have 2 myspace pages which originally were supposed to be for 2 different purposes, one more professional and one more social/artsy. I still like myspace a lot but not that many people do so it's kind of pointless for me to spend much time there. I started having "blogs" back in the late '90's when blogger first came along but I would get distracted and use them for real journaling that i'm not that interested in sharing or fiction. When a person has a difficult time with focusing they tend to try to do too much and give up and move on because since you have 12 little projects going on you don't really make a significant investment in just one idea.

In 2000, I was Director of Business Development for Upside.com and I made about 50 deals with different web applications which i just mention because there were so many ideas floating around and since i'm not an engineer or an designer that knows flash they all were somewhat abstract. Upside went in a different direction and tried to make a radio play and we parted company.

Blah, blah, blah...

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