NYT Covers Mobile 2.0 Applications

Social Networking Leaves Confines of the Computer (key quotes)

  • Daniel Graf, a founder of Kyte, the mobile social networking service, sees cellphones as personal TV studios.

  • The social networking phenomenon is leaving the confines of the personal computer.
  • New online services, with names like Twitter, Radar and Jaiku, hope people will use their ever-present gadget to share (or, inevitably, to overshare) the details of their lives in the same way they have become accustomed to doing on Web sites like MySpace.

  • Mr. Graf said he was considering several approaches to making money from the service. They include charging companies that want to contribute promotional programming, or advertisements in or alongside the most popular channels. He said he would share that revenue with the channels’ creators.

  • Another company proving the potency of the sharing impulse is Twitter (www.twitter.com), which is also based in San Francisco and has lately captured the enthusiasm of bloggers and tech insiders.

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