Slate V: Review

Slate stepped into the video space in a big way by launching SlateV, a robust collection of videos created by Slate. The front page offers the newest of these videos like "Video Bushisms", "Grading Hillary's First Spot", and "Dear Prudence" an animation of their advice column.

The animation and special effects on the videos is incredible, creative and original. Unfortunately the editors themselves are boring, probably in comparison to the lively visuals. Understandably most of these editors are more comfortable in a text based context. "Editor's Choice", has some great, interesting vids such as examples of advertisements for soap made by Igmar Bergman when he was short on cash. Unfortunately, the tone of the narrative makes it feel like a classroom lecture. A blog page "Did You See This" is there roundup of the best in web video, pulling vids from YouTube, LiveLeak, CollegeHumor, etc.

Hopefully they'll figure out how to make the narrative as arresting as the visuals. The whole thing is sponsored by Infiniti whose banner ads are not video and while quite obvious, non-intrusive. They used Brightcove technology.

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