'Anchorwoman' Cancelled After One Airing

The TV biz is on a crazy rollercoaster.

Fox cancelled 'Anchorwoman' after one airing. It was a cheesy premise: former swimsuit model becomes anchorwoman at a Texas TV station. Mmmm, let me think, kind of like the TV Guide show. Apparently only 2.5 million people tuned in (so-so cable numbers) which was a dramatic decrease from 'So You Think You Can Dance' numbers of the prior week. The unaired episodes will be available at Fox's nifty new Myspace page which called 'Fox On Demand.' Brownie points for synergizing.

Fox On Demand has a healthy selection of full episodes of Fox's programs on and off air. The promo page for the show hosted on the fox.com server although it looks like a Myspace page is full of glitz and cheescake. This show was described as a "scripted reality show" which means the characters didn't have enough entertaining things to say so someone else wrote the lines for them, which is sad and always looks fake. Kiss of death alert. They're going to run repeats of 'Til Death' in the time slot.

I just think it's mildly shocking that Fox has 6 shows in the can and is pulling the whole deal. It also surprised me when they pulled 'Drive' after two nights earlier this year. I enjoyed the back to back episodes when they aired and was very disappointed that they ran out of gas. I haven't yet gone back and watched the episodes I missed, available at Fox on Demand.

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