62% of Respondents Watching Online Video

On August 28, 2007 Advertising.com released the results of a study based on a questionnaire results and video advertising performance data from it's online video network. The results are from the first six months of '07.

62% of participants watched video online and 69% of these were adults over age 35 who primarily watched news stories.

As for video advertisements, consumers accept them as part of the video experience – with 94 percent of respondents preferring ads to subscription fees. However, according to 63 percent of survey respondents, shorter ads would make the experience more pleasurable. Shorter spots also deliver higher percent-viewed rates, according to data from the Advertising.com network.

51 percent of survey respondents would watch a television episode online if they missed it on TV; but 80 percent of consumers say that online video usage does not cut into their TV time.


62% News clips
38% Movie trailers
36% Music videos (down 11% from second half of '06)



1) Prefer entertainment content like music videos and TV shows.
2) Create more online video content.
3) Viewing more movies, TV Shows and User generated vids than before.


1) More likely to view news.
2) Viewing more sports and user generated videos than last year.

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