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I've been generating quite a collection of bookmarks and I currently have 15 tabs open. I'm just going to write about what I've been doing while cruising the web and what I'm thinking about. I primarily get my information from Twitter and click to links that the people I follow suggest.

From Miss Rogue aka Tara Hunt, I found this over the top incredible tool called Slide Share in a very open-source, Web 2.0 style this site encourages people to upload Power Point presentations on virtually (ha!) every subject. There is a whole group of the presentations from the Web 2.0 conference which took place in San Francisco last week. There are presentations on the obvious but also about topics outside of the bubble like nutrition, travel, and television. It is free to download the presentations. The ones I looked at seemed to be of high quality. Just so you know there are 323 presentation on SlideShare with Twitter in the name.

On Twitter this week there has been a lot of talk about TechMeme, Seesmic, and Robert Scoble. I recently posted a chart of compete numbers on the top Web 2.0 Business Blogs which got some attention and I know now to put my name and website directly on the chart itself. Brian Solis of Bubblicious was happy that he was on the list and put together a brief summary of each of the blogs I mentioned. I learned that Compete numbers are a little sketchy. Quantcast also has free stats but one needs to Quantify (i.e. put a pixel and a small piece of code on your site) to get accurate numbers, which I hope people do.

Seesmic is the hot new Video Blog software from Loic LeMeur who just moved here from France. He has distributed alpha codes to a few people who post video shows. It uses the camera inside a mac laptop, which works pretty well but the microphone is someone distorted which can be overcome by using a different microphone but it would be convenient if the mic worked. He posted shows / diaries / vlogs -- from Web 2.0 which I would have liked to have been able to hear. I don't have an alpha code and I don't have a Mac so it seems pretty pointless but I can easily watch the videos others post. I'm just not up on all the cool features.

Techmeme is an online company that aggregates news from different sources, like a mini Google News. There's been some questions about how the sources are culled and the lists developed (Besides Web Biz 2.0 sources, he's made an "influencer board" which means his top sources for politics and entertainment. If you're interested Robert Scoble did one of his famous white board demonstrations in a 40 minute Seesmic entry.

Techmeme Reverse Engineered Part I

Techmeme Reverse Engineered Part II

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