September Traffic Numbers for Web Biz Blogs

UPDATE: Please note these numbers are sketchy because apparently the Compete software is easily manipulated. I felt comfortable using it because Om Malik used it in his piece about Facebooks diminishing page views (see post below). I've learned that Quantcast numbers are actually much more accurate, the caveat being that one needs to "Quantify" which means they need to put a pixel on their site so that Quantcast can measure. Many of the blogs above are not followed by Quantcast but for the blogs that do, the numbers are usually larger, for example:

GigaOm: Global Uniques/Reach: 456,772, US, 279,336, Monthly Page Views: 840,342

Calacanis: Global Uniques/Reach: 137,981, US: 96,896, Monthly Page Views: 217,801

**Missing from the list: Chris Brogan: 33K Uniques (Compete), and Stowe Boyd: 13K Uniques (Compete)



This chart was made by me. I was trying to find if there was a correlation between Techmeme, Technorati, and traffic. I used the traffic numbers from Compete. I looked a few sites up on quantcast and they had dramatically different results. Many times quantcast reported less than half of the compete numbers which I'm sure is based on a difference in the panels and how they get their stats. One of them is probably more slanted toward computers used at work than home. Although in today's world of home = work and work = home I'm not sure how they balance that all out.

What I find interesting is that the numbers are very different than one would guess off the top of one's head. Scobleizer, Robert Scoble's personal blog is twice as popular as Podtech.net, and some blogs that people keep just as a hobby get more traffic than professional concerns. Personally I don't understand all the ins and outs of techmeme but would like to figure that out so that they would link to me once and a while. I know I'm new, but that shouldn't matter if the egalitaristic claims that many bloggers (who get linked to) are making right now.

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