Miscellaneous Marketing Blogs

Often on Twitter (can I mention twitter too many times?) .... someone says something that sounds provocative or insightful or amusing and I tell myself, "self, who said that? who is @tsfowg3x2z ??" and I look at their bio area. There you find a picture, screen name, full name, a link to their blog / flickr / facebook or whatever --- and a little quippy sentence or two. Mine currently says "I'm a lot of things, some of them good", which I think is cute and accurate, if vague.

Frequently I discover great blogs that I bookmark and then never get back to visit. Here are a couple I've seen recently and look forward to spending more time with.

1. KD Paine's PR Measurement Blog
2. What's Next Online?

3. Colleen Coplick has a PR Agency in Vancouver (Type A PR)
  • & definitely gets around (the world) ... recently she twittered that: " top 3 SM tools for sm biz being recommended in webinar: facebook, squidoo & Hubpages. interesting"
4. Test Your Speed

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