FriendFeed New Popular Social Networking Site

FriendFeed is the new cool kid on the social media block. It pulls in your feeds from up to 32 sources listed in this picture. I'm sure new ones will be added as they go along. Personally it's an overwhelming amount of information and I find it disconcerting that it's organized by "friend", for instance a list of the 4 twitters person X twitted that day completely out of context. But that might just be a learning curve for me since I haven't really looked at it seriously.

I find it interesting that LinkedIn is one of the feeds and not FaceBook. You can comment, like, link mute comments, and unsubscribe for each individual post at FriendFeed itself. It's a pet peeve of mine that when you comment on something people reply to your comment at the same location where you commented so you have to go back there to read the comment. I usually don't go back and so if someone does reply it's lost to me.

Michael Arrington
has a post about it on TechCrunch today questioning how it fits in with the desire for data portability. He questions where an individualized centralized presence should be. Scobleizer was an early fan, he says because of the centralized commenting and that often the comments there become a much more interesting and lengthy discussion than the original "twit" for example.

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