There's A Lot Going On

Like, duh. I'm kind of overwhelmed by all the recent developments in Web 2.0 and I didn't even go to SXSW. It's been about a year since I became interested again in all things Internet after taking a couple of years off to work in traditional TV in Hollywood.

I almost said "real TV" and I'm reminded many years ago of when I got out of MBA school and I moved to Los Angeles to become a TV producer (one can dream, no?). I had worked at Showtime Networks and MTV Networks for 2 years each. Some guy who was friends with a professor had me in to discuss breaking into the biz. He worked at an impressive production company that hadn't had a hit in over 10 years and told me, "call me when you get a job in real TV." Not nice, not nice at all.

It's interesting though. Did you know that The Real World on MTV which arguably got the whole reality TV ball rolling is celebrating its 20th season. I started working online in 1995 at Time Warner's Pathfinder project. Hollywood tried to launch episodics like "The Spot" and "The Couch". I lived in NYC until I moved home to the West coast in 1997. They're completely different in regards to content.

At least in San Francisco there is much more of a focus on the technology and software as content. They're really snobby in NYC and they have a right to be. I'm a 3rd generation San Franciscan and one thing constant about the artisitic community here is that there's not a lot of money in it. In general I think people don't necessarily move to San Francisco to help their career. It's more about the lifestyle.

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