Browsing the Blogosphere

Hot blog posts I ran into today while I was browsing the blogsphere:

1) 21 reasons you should create art from The Future Buzz a personal blog from Adam Singer on social media, marketing, PR and creating buzz on the web. He is the Director of Digital Strategy for Pierson Grant Public Relations in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

2) Media Director's weigh in on their favorite sites to buy advertising on iMediaConnection. This isn't surprising, the subheads are Go Big (ie Yahoo), Go Wide (expand your broadcast buy to include the broadcaster's web sites), Go Deep (MySpace and EW (ha?!), Other Options (the most interesting page in the article, talks about Digg, Veoh, iMeem as well as TMZ & Disney), the author, Robert Moskowitz, goes on to talk about the importance of niche and WOM.

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